WooCommerce style product display

I’ve just been playing around with trying to set up a product display similar to that provided by WooCommerce. I have managed to get something fairly close and quite pleased with the result. It would only be a matter of adding the necessary Snipcart or Shopify Lite code to turn it into an ecommerce site.

This is the product list page:

When you click on ‘Read More’ it takes you to the product page with a main image and more images as thumbnails below.

Clicking on any thumbnail opens all images in a lightbox (currently Featherlight).

Can share the code if anyone is interested.

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@ozfiddler, Thanks for your contribution. Would it be an idea to share the Github link here?

It’s not on GitHub, but I guess I could do that. Sounds a bit “official” though. :grin:

I have just been messing around with files on a test site with a Bootstrap4 child theme.

@ozfiddler, I can think of several reasons for not sharing code on Github… So you’re excused :wink:

I have made this available as a zip file for download.

Here it is: https://simplycomputing.com.au/grav-resources/sc-bootstrap-4-theme

Disclaimer: Please be aware I am very new to Grav and twig so this is all a learning exercise for me. :thinking:


@ozfiddler, I’m afraid a zip file is not such a handy replacement for your, now deleted, Github repo.

  • Others can no longer easily have a look at the code.
  • Others can no longer alert you about issues.
  • Others can no longer contribute to your code using pull-requests.
  • Others can no longer fork your repo and work on that.
  • The zip file can easily get out of sync with the latest changes in the repo.

However, you could still add a download link in your docs pointing at https://github.com/simplycomputing/YOUR-REPO/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

Ah yes, this is the point. I really don’t want to get into all this. I don’t know very much about Grav, but I know even less about GitHub. I’m sure GitHub is great for someone who uses it all the time, but I find it endlessly confusing and irritating.

It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be any way to share Grav resources without having to go down that whole GitHub path.