How to create a grid using Lightbox Gallery with Typhoon theme?


According to the Lightbox Gallery docs, " The Typhoon theme already provides a a modular Twig template that provides a clean grid layout for thumbnails."

However, I’m using the Typhoon theme yet the grid layout does not appear. Instead, thumbnails are listed vertically.

I tried switching the page template to “Modular” but then nothing appears at all—no gallery, nothing.

I’m afraid the documentation could really use more detail, and live, working examples on the documentation page would be extremely helpful.

Could anyone kindly provide the exact code, including all settings (page template, etc.), to make the lightbox work as it’s supposed to by default in the Typhoon theme? As a brand new user to Grav, some very basic hand holding would be very helpful (e.g., “Enter this ____ in this box: ____”). Thanks so much in advance.

@alkan, Grav has a dedicated repo for issues and questions about all Premium products: GitHub - getgrav/grav-premium-issues: Official Grav Premium Issues repository to report problems or ask questions regarding the Premium products offered.

Many thanks—posting there now.