Image gallery with Grav

I am currently reviewing Grav to see if it fits my needs. Is it possible to build an image gallery with image being served from different categories? If yes, do I need I plugin for this?

To be honest, i’ve not tried this, but it should be possible by just creating folders for each category and then adding the images. Grav will automatically treat each folder as a page and you will be able to get at those images with the regular media methods. So theoretically be able to create some simple twig templates that allow you to browse those images like a gallery.

If you check out the shop skeleton, you can probably see a similar concept except that has markdown files to define the products and a single image. But the idea remains the same.

BTW A demo of the shop skeleton…

Is there anyone who tried to build a gallery in grav? Ideally I can create a gallery folder, and then a couple of sub-folders (home --> gallery --> 2013 --> picnic / wedding / holiday

Are there any instructions/literature about how to achieve that?

I don’t think anyone has specifically tried it, or at least they have not told me :slight_smile: But Grav can do it with not too much effort. Like I said above, you could start with the shop skeleton and go from there.

All right - let me get my adventurer hat and I’ll give it a shot. :wink:

Ok, after almost 2 hours of fiddling around with the shop site I can’t get it to work (given that I don’t have any coding skills it’s not that surprising).
Maybe someday, somebody will create a template/skeleton with a showcase/gallery section/plugin - for now I keep on blogging. :wink:

I put together a gallery at - in my case, I wrote a bash script to pull data from a CSV file and generate the hundreds of md files and directories with the proper metadata.

pretty cool christopher!

Thanks! I’m also auto-detecting image orientation and size in the bash script with ImageMagick and populating metadata from there.