Ecommerce plugin

Hi all. I wonder if anyone of the developers is here? I wanted to raise the issue of creating a plugin to build a small online store. I know that there is a plugin shopping cart, but this is not enough. It would be nice to have a plugin to add items with prices and other characteristics in the form of a list in a certain view. Anyone would be interested in such a development?

hey @Stason, I really don’t have the solution you are looking for with a plugin, but just want to let you know that right now I am using the Snipcart plugin to develop a small store with product characteristics such size, color.

See, this is in the admin…

and the front page…

All this with javascript and twig, no php so far.

ping me if you want more info.

Yes, I was. To use blueprints I can. But for example, in terms of seo, each item must have a route, the characteristics should influence the price, each order must be registered as the accounting of funds, plus multiple editing, and many essential things. You have it all? I have experience with a powerful platform in php for stores and know what to say.I think if Grav will have such a plugin, even if not with all the amenities, but to start something, it will be a very big advantage when consider the power of blueprints.

For that “full feature one software for most cases”, definitelly the plugin is the best approach.
I hope @flavio continues development on the Grav Shopping Cart. In the long term, will love to see something like Joomla-Virtuemart in terms of the plethora of configuration options and Joomla-Hikashop in terms of flexibiliy, or even the Joomla-JooCommerce from Flavio itself.

BTW, in the slack #random channel recent messages, I read @Ricardo was interested on continue development of the Grave Cart.

In my development with Snipcart, I am just doing what this particular client needs. Adding different price per variant, might just require another fild in blueprint and more javascript, etc. Adding routing or other advanced features might requiere a framework like Vue. In this case, I will try to keep it as simple as possible, using jQuery library.

I’m coming to this a little late but have you ever opened the frontend for the snipcart yaml? Would love to use it either for free or pay a fee