Need advice: Snipcart or filterable portfolio?

I currently use WooCommerce on my Wordpress site to display products, as seen here:

There is actually no ‘store’, and standard store features like the cart, checkout, user accounts, etc., have been disabled. Even the prices are disabled. You will noticed the right sidebar allows one to sort products using various combinations of filters.

So, the million dollar question:

What would be the best way to build this page in Grav? Should I use Snipcart (have not tried it yet), or should I just assemble some sort of filterable portfolio page similar like the /blog page on this site? Mind you, I would need to be able to filter by category and/or tag(s).


I think a filterable portfolio is best, unless you plan to handle sales in the imminent future. The portfolio type pattern is often used by sales sites anyway, so its just a conceptual question of what is being filtered. From your site it seems an ideal approach to utilize Grav’s page hierarchy and taxonomy to its full potential, where each item for sale is a page and structurally organized.

Given that structure, filtering would be fairly easy to layer on top for display.

Awesome – thanks very much. I was leaning towards that way, too, thinking that using an ecommerce plugin was making things unnecessarily complicated.