URGENT help to install plugin - Grav from to GoogleSheet

I am trying but not able to do it successfully … Please help me I am ok to pay a small amount if anyone able to identity my issue.

What is actually your issue ?

Have you been able to install the plugin and grav ?

Do you have composer install ?

What operating system / platform are you using ?

Have you got your google sheets api ? (You need to have a google account and register, there is a free basic platform if less than 200 request a months (i think) with $300 worth of credit.

Click this link to get started → Step 1 of 2 – Free trial – Google Cloud Platform

When you can provide all the above, let us know (you dont need to post on the forum the keys and codes) but we can then help you further :slight_smile:

@sunil951, Why don’t you try the the author (@hughbris ) of the plugin himself? Either on Github, or here?

I’m afraid there aren’t (m)any members with hands-on experience with the plugin…

How to connect @hughbris ? Please reply .

I tried but 500 server error coming.

Try here @sunli951

Seems a bit weird, sounds like you may have an adblocker or google site blocks. You need a google account and then get the google api , you will have to do a bit of reading up on the google site or get advice from people using the plugin as pamtbauu suggested

hughbris/grav-plugin-gyst: Get Your Sheet Together! Export Grav form data as a row in a cloud spreadsheet, (github.com)

GitHub - hughbris/grav-plugin-gyst: Get Your Sheet Together! Export Grav form data as a row in a cloud spreadsheet, , you will need to setup a github account (its free) and post on the developers support forum

@hughbris - Please help.

Hi @sunil951

For others to be able to help, it’s important that you provide enough information. What have you done so far, at what point are you stuck, which errors did you get? A short “help” or “I’m stuck” is hard to react to.

Steps to complete:

  1. Download and install the plugin with these instructions.
  2. Create a new Google Cloud Platform project and select that project.
  3. Enable the Google Sheets API.
  4. Create credentials. Choose service account.
  5. Once created, click on the service account and create new keys in the key tab.
  6. You’ll be prompted to download credentials. Rename to credentials.json and store in your user/data/gyst/ folder.
  7. In the plugin configuration, enter the path to your credentials file: {path to root}/user/data/gyst/credentials.json.
  8. In the form process configuration, enter the ID of the Google Sheet you want to append to. The ID is the long string in the sheet’s URL.
  9. Your credentials file contains a client_email key. Make sure to share your Google Sheet with this email.

You should be good to go then. If you get stuck, once again, be clear about what the problem is, and at which step you encounter it.

@TheDancingCode - I did all but after that 500 server error coming. I will try in the next 3 hours and update you again.

@TheDancingCode - 1 to 9 steps… Today I moved credentials.json from plugin to data folder as per steps but still no luck.
After this, the website stop working. I don’t know where is the issue. Can anyone take remote access and help. My email id sunil951@gmail.com Please ping .