Having difficulties getting my plugin into GPM

I’ve written a new plugin (it turns plain text email addresses in Grav pages into javascript-encrypted mailto links), and I would like to get it into GPM. I messed up my first try because I didn’t understand about GitHub releases, which @rhuk kindly alerted me to in the issue I filed for Grav to have it added.

The process for releasing a new plugin is documented here, and I think I have now done everything on that list, including creating a GitHub release with a version tag. Will this now turn up in GPM automatically after some time? Or am I still missing something? Or do I just have to wait for someone to manually add the plugin?

I am asking mostly because I am already working on another plugin :slight_smile: and I would like to get that right straight away. So if it’s just a matter of waiting for someone or something, that’s fine! But if I’m still missing a bit, I would be very grateful if someone could point it out to me. The repository of the plugin can be found here.

Thank you for your time!

It’s there: https://getgrav.org/downloads/plugins#changelog:antispam. GPM takes time to wait for GitHub API.

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