Announcing ePrivacy Plugin

To address the issue of Grav and EU GDPR / ePrivacy Regulations compliance (see this post) I’ve created a new plugin called ePrivacy.

This plugin is by no means a final solution. In fact it’s in early development.
You should regard the current version as a proposal and an invitation to all Grav developers to make it better.

You can find the plugin on GitHub. Please use the GitHub issues in that repo for specific questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. or this forum for more general discussion on EU ePrivacy compliance.


I’ll check it out pretty soon! Thanks for working on this :slight_smile:

You’ll be happy to know that a demo is available from today.

It shows how to add services in theme templates.

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Hi, I’m looking for a gdpr “manager” for grav, what’s the status of your plugin? I tried to access the demo but the link return a 403 error

Sorry for this late reply. I’ve stopped the development of this plugin and don’t intend to continue or start over.

I have not used any GDPR plugin, but I searched for GDPR in Grav downloads and found the GDPR Privacy Setup plugin. Hopefully that will meet your needs.