Grav API plugin

I want to create an Android application for Grav website management. I found the flaviocopes/grav-plugin-api on GitHub, but it seems to be broken and does not allow to create/edit/delete pages and site configuration files. Do you have any plans to continue REST API plugin development?

We do have plans to add a complete REST layer, but have not gotten around to it yet.

Is there any chance that first beta version will be available this year?

Love this! Can’t wait!

Yes, I am wishing for this soon, too. Our use case is to have pages updated/created by users who are using Google Apps for Work (e.g. they write content in a google document), with google apps script doing work to convert google docs to markdown, and other things. (I already do the first part, but currently have to upload the files created in Google Apps to our grav site via SFTP, which is a pain)