Have an idea for a plugin?

Perhaps you have a question about one of our current plugins? Have you already created a plugin and want to share it with the world? This is the place for that.

Nice I start with my latest page views plugin (https://github.com/nunopress/grav-plugin-pageviews) all feedback are welcome ^^

Oh my :slight_smile: Your plugin is actually quite similar to something i’ve written to go along with the new admin. It’s called popularity and will be bundled in future grav versions as part of the free admin plugin. Your plugin is pretty similar to my updateTotals() method, but Popularity also tracks daily, and monthly hits as well as recent visitors. It even stores this data in json files like you are doing.

You might of seen it in acton in the new Admin dashboard:


I see your screenshot and take idea from it :stuck_out_tongue: Btw if you want I removed the repository if not need in grav frontend :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be helpful to know if there are some you are already working on. There are some obvious needs like social buttons, photo gallery, event calendar, google maps. We are thinking of creating some, but we do not want to duplicate any effort you have already started.

Best thing to do is just post about your project here in the forums, so that it’s ‘visibie’ during development. and then as soon as it’s working and tested we can add it to the GPM system.

Maybe, what I posted a couple of minutes ago, the language plugin. That would be awesome in every aspect. Thanks.

I had the need to embed just plain text source files on a page so here’s a plugin for doing it! TBH it’s mostly a rip-off from @rhukster’s PageInject plugin and very ugly implementation but even as-is it gets the job done. I would be grateful if people with proper insight to the Grav’s inner workings had the time to point me eg. how to properly do the text embedding with Grav. Cheers!

Looks good @anza ! IMHO in line 72 you don’t need to perform a str_replace. Returning

return $replace;

would be enough. Currently you only allow to embed files lying in the same directory as the page. If you want to get it from somewhere else, you could for example use Uri::convertUrl($page, $url); The rest is the way how it goes.

Thank you very much Sommerregen! I fixed the return. Right now I’m satisfied with the plugin functionality but we’ll see if I have enough spare time to enhance it. If you developers see it fit you are welcome to add it to the plugin repository.

Alright! Your plugin looks good and has the required blueprint.yaml in it. I will notify @rhukster via Gitter to add your project to the list. In the meantime, please check that you matched the guidelines, especially creating a release. For your project you can further consider the Git Branching model, too.

HI @anza, you will need to create a release before I can add it to the GPM/Downloads. Thanks!

A question about Media Embed Plugin:
Can I embed local media files? (audio,video etc.)

Hi, MediaEmbed plugin can’t embed local media files, since Grav supports it out-of-the-box. For example usage, please consult the documentation and if you think this should be a feature of the plugin, too, please open an issue here and include a use case and the reason why the plugin shall support local media files.

ok, thanks for the info.
looking for a html5 audio player with playlist…

I pushed my first plugin for displaying googlemaps with a kmz overlay. Still requires polishing on its rough edges (I don’t use it life myself yet). Find the repository here: https://github.com/aptly-io/grav-plugin-googlemaps
(disclaimer: first steps in the PHP language, used the Toc plug-in as template)

If you follow the links posted above in the documentation and do a release with the requirements mentioned, I’ll get it added to the GPM. Thanks!

I’ve created a plugin that groups all links of related content together in a dropdown menu for ease of navigation. I hope it might be useful for others as well.

Please make sure you have all the requirements including blueprints, and a release, and then create an issue in the grav tracker… I’ll then add it to GPM. Cheers!

I’ve created a plugin that allows to split a large content page into sections by placing a specific marker in the markdown. A widget with different controls (next, previous etc.) allows to navigate through these sections. I hope it might be useful for others as well. It’s tested with the latest grav 0.9.34.