Anyone Offer Paid Assistance?

I’m just a really, really crappy coder for as much as I’ve tried and don’t get how to add some of the Grav concepts/features in a production-worthy site.

Is there anyone here that can put me over the top and show me how to implement a “simple” search page that queries a sqlite3.db file?
I’ve installed all the required plugins and read the docs a million times but I’m a difficult learner in spite of my wanting to.

It can be a search box on an existing page, but preferably on it’s own page as there could be several dozen rows of results.

I’ve based my site off of the marche skeleton and it’s like 95% done other than the search function.

The whole idea is for my karaoke customers to be able to look up my song selection online as opposed to having to keep printing massive books. I have about 80,000 songs sorted by Artist, Title and ID.
Again, I can create the sqlite3 database without issue (I can also use csv or mariadb or tsv)

Hell, if someone can show me how to do it via flexsearch I’d be game for that too…

I’m really not sure how much something like this should cost me, but I feel it’s probably an easy task for someone who knows what they’re doing.
Regardless I will pre-pay for services or make a donation to Grav or something of the like.

Someone please have pity on me! lol