Updating Grav - Error

I host my Grav site via IIS. Everything has been going smoothly, but when I attempt to update via the notification in the GUI, I get the error: “The target path “C:\xxxxx” does not seem to be a grav instance.” Is there a trick to updating Grav when hosted on a Windows/IIS server?

It is also strange that the update bar says: Grav v1.7.28 is now available! (Current v1.7.3)

Thank you!

Just update with manual, then copy past your user folder, then run php bin/grav install.


Thank you for your reply! Can you explain both of those steps in detail? I am very new to Grav

Thank you

I got it all sorted out. Thank you!

@adamf-int, For other members who might bump into the same issue, would you mind sharing:

  • what caused the issue
  • how did you solve the issue


Absolutely. The solution was simple. I backed up my entire Grav folder. Then downloaded the new ZIP file from Grav. Unzipped the zip contents and put them in the proper IIS folder. Then I just copied my user folder back into the new folder. Everything works like a charm.

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