Installation of Grav with Microsoft IIS


Can somebody please provide me with a tutorial on how to install Grav with IIS?
I get a 403-Forbidden Access error.

Thanks in advance!

I am not an IIS-user, but Del on Slack had the following issue:

on update from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 on my Windows Server (via Admin) I get permission problem on “…/3dr-grav/assets): Permission denied”, then when I manually delete the folder (I figured that would be ok as it is essentially empty", it gets created on next update attempt and then I get Permission problem on “…/wwwroot/3dr-grav/bin”): Permission denied.
Does anyone know how to update Grav on Windows Server and not get these problems

To which he found the following solution:

In case this helps anyone - I found a solution to the 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 update on windows. I set the permission on the folder temporarily to “full control” for the IUSR and IIS_IUSRS the update then worked and the permissions were automatically reset back to what I previously had them set to

Does that help?

I haven’t installed Grav on IIS directly but an using an Azure Web App which is basically IIS and it’s running fine.

Maybe if you run through your installation steps we can point you in the right direction?