Cannot update grav nor plugins

If I try to update via the admin planel I get an error that says my current path does not seem to be a grav instance. I’ve never had this happen before any ideas?

I had this with the last update. Was really annoying as i had to reinstall Grav. Luckily their pages and theme system work really well so there was minimal downtime.

Had to reinstall grav too, couldn’t understand what generated the error in the first place.

same, i couldn’t even get access to the admin dash, which is why i have yet to update to 1.17 for fear that it will kill the site!

Did you guys install v1.2.13 of admin? We had about 20 downloads before we noticed the bad bug. It’s fixed in v1.2.14 which we promptly released to address the problem.

I am still on 1.2.12, which is what i got as part of the the Grav 1.16 (with admin) download. So should we update to the latest admin version before updating to the latest grav version?

No. Update grav then admin. Backup first just in case but should have no problems.

Did that work ok?