"Please run: bin/grav install" - I cannot get it to work. (IIS 8 on W2012R2 Srv)

I’m installing GRAV on IIS 8 on a Windows 2012 R2 server for a locally hosted website. I’ve installed PHP and the other pre-reqs. When I run GIT Bash and use bin/grav install it’s saying “no such file or directory”, or sometimes it won’t say anything and it’ll do nothing. Any advice and/or troubleshooting I can do? Here’s a screenshot of my GIT Bash terminal https://i.gyazo.com/7109a5a4a333d81d5c8706f52ffbef63.png

You need to be in the “grav” folder before running that. You are current in your “grav”/bin/ folder

Hey @rhukster, sorry for not including that in my initial submission. When I run bin/grav install in the grav folder, that’s when nothing happens. I don’t get any errors but it’s not making the vendor folders. I’m thinking it has something to do with how I have PHP set up. I have 5.6 and 7.0. I’ve set the paths in my environment variables, set up FastCGI, the usual stuff. Or maybe it’s permissions? I am using an administrator account though.

Here’s a screenshot of my terminal. And thanks again for your help.

try this in your grav/grav folder as you seem to have two levels of nesting there:

php bin/grav install

Ok, so I finally got it to run the composer.phar file, but the bin/grav install still doesn’t seem to do anything. Originally when I went to the site destination (localhost:grav/grav/ and localhost:/grav/grav/index.php <-Because I accidentally nested it like that…) It told me to “please run bin/grav install”. Now I’m getting an Internal Server Error 500. The index.php file is there and it also installed the vendor folder. Here’s what my folder looks like. Capture

I think you should download the download packages from https://getgrav.org/downloads - These are already pre-built with vendor dependencies and everything you need. You won’t need to do a bin/grav install which is really only needed when you install the base Grav from github.

Alright, I did that. Thanks again for your help. Hopefully I can get it this time lol.