Unable to parse at line 12 (near "")

Hi guys! I love your idea of CMS but i can’t get the admin panel to work. The install runs smooth on my hosting provider with Softaculous but whenever i try to access the admin panel compiling the access form i get following message “Unable to parse at line 12 (near “”).” The hosting is managed by the greatest IP of Italy (Aruba). It is a shared hosting but it complies with all Grav requisites. Chatting with support, they told me that only mod_ssl isn’t supported, but as afar as i know, this is an optional feature? Am i right? THX!

instead of “compiling” read “filling out” :wink: sorry.

Not sure what could be, at first glance. Which PHP version is it running? Is this a clean skeleton / default Grav site or did you change some pages already?

Hi! Thanks for the answer:

  • PHP 5.6.19
  • I’m pretty sure it’s GRAV clean skeleton with admin panel unchanged. Softaculous installer takes care of the installation process. GRAV is 1.0.10

Hi guys, someone knows what’s going on? What file belongs this “line 12”?

Solved! Softacolous installer generate errors in creating the admin.yaml file. Deleting it and creating a new account from scratch resolved the problem.

I’ve sent an email to the Softaculous guys, hopefully together we can sort out what happened.