Getting error after server swap

Hi, I reinstalled my server to entirely change my system. Now my Grav page won’t load properly. I’m getting this error along with a few more.

"Failed to read en.yaml: Found unknown escape character "\'" at line 419 (near "GRAV_SYMBOLICALLY_LINKED: "Grav is symbolically linked. Upgrade won\'t be available"")."

This looks like an error in escaping the apostrophe, which is not necessary in this string because it is enclosed in double-quotes. To fix, just remove the \ from the string, and it will parse it successfully. I submitted a Pull Request for the fix here.

Hum, not quite sure which file it is. I tried the file up top. “CompiledFile.php”, did not manage to get it to work tho.

en.yaml is presumably from Admin, at least that’s were I found the corresponding problem at line 419. This would be in /user/plugins/admin/languages/en.yaml, on line 419 of course.

That solved that. But lead to another problem. Don’t really get why I’m getting these, the page was working just fine, I made a backup thru the admin panel and now this :confused:

RuntimeException (500)
Failed to read languages.yaml: A colon cannot be used in an unquoted mapping value at line 27 (near "CONTENT_PROCESS_HELP: Enable content to content matching (NOTE: Disable if you have lots of content)").

It solved itself. I re-uploaded the files from my “server backup” zip instead of the Grav backup.