Server Permissions Issues, Docs dont help!

Hi There

Im Alex and Im a totaly Grav NOOB

Im a WordPress Developer and looking to ditch WP in favour of more flexible and lightweight solutions for my clients. Really looking forward to getting in to a flat file CMS so giving Grav a go before I look at Kirby.

Ive got an issue on my cPanel server (VPS so have root access).

I followed th instructions and got as far as opening the grav-admin folder and I simply got a 500 error.

Error as follows:
SoftException in Application.cpp:267: File “/home/demo/public_html/grav-admin/index.php” is writeable by group, referer:

I look up permissions in the docs and it gave me some commands to look at PHP User etc but it just came back empty so really dont know what to do next.

Pretty sure lots of people here would love to help you get started with Grav.

Speaking for myself, I’m having trouble following exactly what steps you’ve taken. Could you describe a little more about your setup? What did you do before it “just came back empty”? (apart from check the docs)

Which user and group currently owns the Grav files you unpacked and which user/group runs your webserver/PHP? This is the root of the problem. I assure you, you are close.

Ok so I was going through the troubleshooting docs when it mentioned the following:

First, find out which user Apache or Nginx runs with by running the following command For Apache:

ps aux | grep -v root | grep apache | cut -d\  -f1 | sort | uniq

When I hit enter I got nothing, just an new command prompt. I was assuming it would come back with something.