Proposed Grav Q&A site on Stack Exchange - Please vote for it by following the proposal

I’ve been enjoying working with Grav since I learned of it but have struggled finding the necessary documentation to help with development so I’ve proposed a new Q&A site on the Stack Exchange network which should work better for gaining specific help in addition to this forum and the Discord server.

If you have an account on any of the Stack Exchange sites (such as StackOverflow), please can you follow the proposal and propose any example questions to try and gain more traction. Thanks.

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@zigojacko, Your enthusiasm about Grav and your wish to share knowledge is appreciated.

However, I’m afraid you are running too fast…

  • Have you already discussed your struggle and suggestion with the dev team?
  • IMHO an extra source of information would not be an asset, but instead would cannibalize on this forum.
  • Why would a new Q&A site improve info sharing?
  • What would its benefit be over Discourse/Discord?
  • What was your struggle?
  • Which sources did you use?

Actually, I just used that as an example benefit for the site on the SE network. It wasn’t a complaint that the current sources are not good enough…

Take Magento for example, I’ve always found the Magento SE site to be far more effective at getting help to a specific problem instead of via their forums (which largely consists of very basic topics whereas on the SE network, it’s largely used by those developing on the platform).

On the Discord server, whilst a great community and an asset, I’ll never be able to easily refer back to a previous conversation or discussion where help was given.

This forum will obviously be indexable and be of great use to those that use it. But many will not use it and it will solely rely on people like yourself putting the time into contributing - which is great, but if you and a handful of others that are spending your time on here are not around, then it will take too long to get answers or threads will go unanswered.

As for the official documentation, I think it is well structured and laid out - I just don’t find the answer to my specific problems. I’m not sure that’s a result of poor docs though, just that there is too many scenarios to cover all basis.

Hope that provides more clarity.

@zigojacko, Have you compared the traffic from Grav devs on stackoverflow and this forum?

  • On stack only 1 question/month on average.
  • Low response rate.
  • Low number of questions marked as ‘answered’

I’m afraid a new Q&A would not be much different.

By the way, you might want to add your 2 cents to this ‘community’ discussion on Github.

I do get your points however, typically, these questions asked on SO will get moved to the Grav SE (or the user would post at the Grav SE in the first place).

95%+ won’t come to this Discourse forum to post the same questions and seek the answers.

People stick to what they know and use.

Grav is considered very much new and as it grows, more people will contribute on the SE network than via these forums (IMO) which is typically geared up more for development related Q & A.

The forum would attract the non-developers more however, those seeking help on how to perform actions and maintain Grav etc.

I may be wrong, just my opinion. Ultimately for me (and eventually my staff), I need a resource where we can quickly find solutions and information relating to what we are working on so that we can progress quicker on projects - this is paramount for us to stick with the platform (which I’m only just trying to move over to from Wordpress as our ‘go-to’ platform for small business websites).

Grav isn’t really new anymore, it was popular enough to win the CMS Critics Award for best open source CMS as far back as 2016. I agree that the forums are not ideal for the Question and Answer format, and I use StackOverflow a lot, but Pamtbaau is not wrong in the assertion that another platform bleeds the attention from existing platforms.

Moreover, Grav is still a developer-centric CMS, but with a limited community. So as seen in the discussion on GitHub that Pamtbaau linked to, there’s a problem of adding more platforms with nobody contributing. Which of course you could solve by becoming that contributor, and answers on SE’s sites are far easier to find and reuse than this forum, Discord, or GitHub.

There hasn’t been that much Grav-traffic to StackOverflow, it’s mostly been to the various chat-platforms, and I don’t think users or developers will particularly take to SE without the effort put in. If there was a consensus to replace the Cookbook part of the Docs with a SE-site, I’d prefer that format.


I have no idea how I didn’t hear of Grav until last year then…

But anyway, the site proposal on Stack Exchange network has been deleted now and I will persevere with the forum for trying to learn to work with Grav.

Hello @zigojacko
Grav has very good documentation, for a non programmer person like me is not so easy, but I have to admit it is very good and complete, you can find many solutions in the documentation. For a non programmer this requires plenty of study but it is worthwhile, I think Grav is the best flat file CMS: Basics | Grav Documentation

The documentation is very good, don’t get me wrong.

I still often can’t find what I am looking for though in there, and I don’t think that’s so much down to the documentation but more a case of not understanding how the various elements of the CMS works together yet.

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I understand @zigojacko
I struggle from time to time, specially when I let pass much time without practicing Grav.

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