Welcome to the new forum!

This is our new moot forum that allows us to have a location for all your questions, thoughts, and ideas about Grav. Please feel free to ask anything you like and we’ll do our best to help out.

Nice, I was going to ask on Github not long ago if you where going to open a forum up over at the RT forums (long term RT Joomla customer) - Just got my answer lol

Fantastic work so far on Grav (from what I have played with so far- Just waiting for the next official release (that fixes Memcache issue) to drop (webfaction does not play nice with 0.9.1).

Also can’t wait for the admin panel to be released - Looks awesome (just saw it on twitter). :slight_smile:

Looking awesome guys! keep up the good work.

Love it

Thanks for this! I think the GitHub issues area is better for bugs. This will be better for questions, support and general help.

yah Muut even has pretty good support for code snippets and its markdown-like so that fits in well with the rest of Grav :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Nice and clean!

Good to have a place for some talks.
Congrats to the GravTeam for all the work done.

Oh, we could Open an “off-topic” forum thread. Just a general one, for general stuff, Grav related or not and let the community chat around.

Done: http://getgrav.org/forum#!/chitchat :slight_smile: