Welcome to the Grav CMS Community Forums

Grav Community Forum members welcome all Grav developers and site builders here, from newbies to the very experienced.

The forum is here for sharing experiences and solving problems. We hope to create a useful, searchable Grav knowledge base. Volunteers moderate this forum and contribute because they enjoy sharing their knowledge and also learning something themselves. Sometimes our discussions lead to improvements in the Grav codebase and ecosystem.

Please understand that you will have a better experience getting solutions if you respect that members of our community want to help you, but they do so voluntarily. The best questions are the ones that are simplest to diagnose. That means more data. Provide lots of detail in your question so that we don’t have to draw it out from you. In general, we might need to know about:

  • your level of experience and expertise (especially if you are new),
  • your technical environment,
  • what you are trying to achieve and what you have tried to do to solve it.

Please search for similar problems before posting. If you found and tried a suggested solution that didn’t pan out, tell us why. And link it!

Details are good. When you post code and log output, please use markdown fenced code blocks so they are easy to read, e.g.:

echo 'this code fails';
# silly comment

Which shows as:

echo 'this code fails';
# silly comment

Please paste text when possible instead of screenshots. Screenshots are not accessible or searchable and cannot be easily copy/pasted.

Here are some suggestions for what you might include to make solving your problem simple:

  • what you were trying to do
  • what theme you are using
  • what kind of hosting you are using
  • what environment you are working in (shared hosting, self hosting, Docker, with Cloudfront/AWS, something else)
  • if you are working on a live/production site or have access a development site
  • whether are you building the site through Admin
  • what you have tried and what happened
  • what you searched for and why didn’t it solve your problem
  • how technical you are
  • how well you know Grav

There may be more approrate channels to try before posting here:

  • Github - if your problem relates to a theme or plugin, this is the best place to start. Find its official code repository, and add an issue or discussion topic after searching.
  • Premium support: if you are paying for Grav Premium products, these include free support. Use it rather than asking volunteers.
  • If you prefer a real-time chat, there is a discord where problems can be solved. Choose the best discord channel before posting. Be patient if you don’t get an answer right away. Only bump or repost when you are pretty sure your question has been lost in the subsequent conversation.
  • Stack Overflow (quiet)

Please don’t post your question in more than one channel (cross-posting). That’s because you might get help in more than one place, which is a waste of our efforts. Instead, choose the best channel and wait a few days. Then post in another place. Provide links between all of the other places you ask. This helps both responders and searchers in future.

Examples of good posts: