Forum update

I don’t want to sound rude or ungrateful, but this forum really doesn’t invite to ask anything. Are you considering changing it to some more up to date solution? Like, for ex.

The forum platform is kindly provided by and has proven to be reliable and simple to use in the past. Plus, it’s managed and we don’t have to maintain it, like we would have to with Discourse which btw is based on an entirely different stack and as with other self-hosted forums we’d have to worry about server, updates, security, etc which takes time away from Grav development and its support.

I have to agree that whilst Muut is awesome in its simplicity, it does not lend itself to a well-structured support-forum (neither does Discourse and similar in my opinion). Taxonomies (channels) are not separated, content is not tagged, and finding previous answers to questions is a hassle at best and inhibited at worst (Muut’s search seems to go down once a month).

I think it has been suggested previously, but a nice addition to the Docs/Learn would be a FAQ-site replicating (or simply using) StackOverflow. This allows simple answer-question content to be cleanly organized - without overhead for Grav if using StackOverflow - and moderated.

As for a support/discussion-forum, IPB is a hosted alternative, as is Discourse as far as I know. The preference for an alternative is that taxonomies are clearly delineated, where categories like “Basic Support”, “Themes”, “Plugins” etc. can be easily separated and finding previous solutions is simpler than Muut’s “search, scroll, scroll more posts, scroll more posts, repeat”.

Muut also provides categories (!/theme-development /!/plugin-development ), we only have 5 categories now and we can add more.

The main forum page shows the latest posts in all categories, but you can always filter by topic by clicking the categories links in the sidebar.

Of course every solution is a compromise, but I don’t think search on its own is a reason to switch away to another platform, as Google can also search within Muut results by using site: when the Muut search is not working, and provides a cached version of the results.

About the FAQ site: we have Gitter which we use for the chat which is building some sort of forum-like chat - announcements platform called Topics, we already have ours setup but currently unused which provides categories and tags. No idea if it’s a good idea to test if it can support a community-based FAQ site.