Why this forum?

Over the last month was asked a few questions on the merits. Ie requiring specific answers, code examples, because I and many others do not a professional programmer or would not ask.
The problem is that nobody is obliged to answer to anyone on this forum. It is seen that some of the knowledgeable users always come here, but do not consider it necessary to answer to all users. Why? I even help the project via Grav OpenCollective because I think that Grav has a great future, if not highly commercialized in the future, everything should be in moderation. But at present personally I there are several unsolved problems, which require answers. How to move on and develop new projects I don’t know.
I am an aspiring businessman, web developer and want to make a Grav main platform for development. Maybe I’m wrong to argue? Or talking to myself. Thank you, can someone read)))
P.S. Yesterday tried to find some order in this forum, now I think Muut is not very convenient. Too many topics, many repeated words in different themes.

It has been discussed a few times that Muut can be somewhat disorganized compared to something like Discourse or more traditional forums, but Muut is relatively speaking much easier to integrate and use for end-users. Grav is, however, open source and as such there is no dedicated customer support staff. People contribute their own time towards support and development, and traversing every topic here takes a lot of time.

From my perspective this forum is the lower-end of the support-structure around Grav, wherein the barrier to contribute is very low, and the specificity of support-requests thereafter. GitHub-issues tend to be on the other end of the scale, with a high degree of specificity requesting a solution to a specific issue; and Slack somewhere in the middle.

Providing answers or examples is made much easier when the question is posed clearly and concisely, and gives example of what has been already tried to solve it. If finding out what the question really is takes a lot of time, then that makes answering more time-consuming and difficult.

Since the slack channel started, that’s often my first attempt to ask something. But I think the forum is it worth using it, too. When I can help, I’ll do it :slight_smile:

The core Grav team does try to keep on top of the forum as much as possible. I for example try to answer every post that does not already have a solution, or has not got an active thread going. I try to do this daily, but It takes a lot of time, so sometimes i have to catch up on a few days. Overall I think you will find this forum has way more successful threads than any other CMS i’ve looked at. That’s because the core team as well as helpful members do follow it. Most CMS platforms is for users only with some moderators, but very little involvement of core developers.

Thanks for the reply.