bin/Grav install problem

I installed the Rocket Theme grav horizon template including gantry and Grav using the rocketlauncher and all the files seem to be in place. Something with the hosting company is stopping the initial Grav Admin panel from loading and they are not willing to provide any support, saying it is a problem with the template. The message on my site ( is “Please run: bin/Grav install”

I see where this statement is in the index file, but I do not know what is stopping the Grav install from happening. What statement causes the initial Grav admin panel to load?

// Ensure vendor libraries exist
$autoload = DIR . ‘/vendor/autoload.php’;
if (!is_file($autoload)) {
die(‘Please run: bin/grav install’);

// Register the auto-loader.
$loader = require $autoload;

use Grav\Common\Grav;
use RocketTheme\Toolbox\Event\Event;

// Get the Grav instance
$grav = Grav::instance(
‘loader’ => $loader

Thanks, Gary

I have same

Please run: bin/Grav install

on my local development Windows machine after every Grav upgrade, but never on prod