New host, need to run multiple domains

I am no expert but have run Joomla for some years until hacking became the norm. So I went back to HTML and some Bootstrap but needed more HD space so I switched hosts for a better deal. Now after having issues with a formmail.php script not working I decided to maybe go to Wordpress but then I found GRAV. My needs are somewhat simple as far as size goes, but I need a cart and a checkout for 3 of the 8 domains I own. One has a single item for sale and the other has maybe 4 items while the last has maybe 8 items to choose from. Am I going to be able to run 3 separate domains with 3 separate installs of GRAV? Any tips you can give me and best way to start? I definitely need a working email responder.

Hello and welcome @Voltage I would suggest to rent a small VPS for a year, for a better price, copy Centos 8 image to the VPS, so you will have your VPS with OS in minutes, all those companies have preinstalled images, then Install Webmin/Virtualmin, so you can have an easy way to manage your VPS and to have multiple hosting accounts with its domains, administered by you, harden the security: adjust Firewall, and Fail2Ban on Centos Server, close port 22, please check tutorials on that.

Then, on each hosting account with a website, install Grav, you can use PayPal Shopping cart, which is very easy to attach to the websites, or use the Snipcart plugin for Grav, please check the Grav plugins page.

I wish you success, regards.

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Hi JoeJac and thanks for the welcome. Problem here is that I already switched hosts and am running Ubuntu 20.04 on a IONIS cloud server. I just had my 8 domains transferred over to them from my previous hosting service. But I am sure Grav will work here too but I still need a little help as I am somewhat a noob at running a VPS. I use a Plesk control panel and the structure for my domains is like this;
and all the domains in there… for example:
.domain 1
…httpdocs (domain files in here)

Note: … means folder.

So can I install Grav into each domain in vhosts?


Alright, maybe this is an easier question to answer. Is the only way to run multiple domains or websites on one server is by using a single install of Grav? Or can it be installed multiple times on the same server for 3 or 4 different websites?

Hi @Voltage, I myself run multiple Grav installs over multiple domains (on the same server) and have no issues. I have heard of others using symlinks to reduce the # of Grav installations bit have not tired that myself.

For example,

Hope the above is at least a bit of help.

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Thank you. That will help me plan and go forward. I am dealing with some email issues on my new host but after I get them sorted I will be trying out Grav.

P.S. And thanks for the proof of it with the links. Excellent help!

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