Multisite Setup and Best Practices

Hey Everyone!

I’m a new Grav user and enjoying the concept of it all so far! I have a few questions on setting up a multisite instance. I’ve looked through the forum and there is some feedback out there on setting things up, but I’m still missing a few key fundamentals to fully understand how it all works and what I need to do:

Here’s my current and planned setup:

  • 1 domain, and 2 sub domains. (i.e.,, and
  • I’d like the Admin panel to be in one place ( to not have 3 unique admin panels.
  • Ideally, for the themes on the sub-domains I’d like those to extend from the main theme on
  • I have a sites folder that contains the 2 sub-domains listed above and in each of those I have folders (config, pages, plugins, themes)
  • I’m using MAMP (not MAMP Pro) to be able to run locally
  • I have my setup.php file in place with what I think is the right code…

I read through the links below which had some great info:


  • Now that I’ve done part of the multisite setup, I’m not sure where to go or what to do next?
  • Should I be seeing something in the admin panel?
  • How do I create pages through the Admin panel for those sub-domains?
  • Do I need to setup a VirtualHost in order to make this work locally or is there a more simple way? (I’m decent at Front End Dev, but a noob at server and/or host stuff)

Any help or advice would be awesome! Bottom line I’m just stuck and unsure what I need to be doing next.


Did you finally got it working?
I’m trying the multi site thing myself but i’m having issues and I think there’s not enough documentation about it.