Multiple domains, 1 server

I am no expert but have run Joomla for some years until hacking became the norm. So I went back to HTML and some Bootstrap but needed more HD space so I switched hosts for a better deal. Now after having issues with a formmail.php script not working I decided to maybe go to Wordpress but then I found GRAV. My needs are somewhat simple as far as size goes, but I need a cart and a checkout for 3 of the 8 domains I own. One has a single item for sale and the other has maybe 4 items while the last has maybe 8 items to choose from. Am I going to be able to run 3 separate domains with 3 separate installs of GRAV? Any tips you can give me and best way to start? I definitely need a working email responder.

p.s. I posted this in General but not much happening over thereā€¦

I think this is a question better targeted at your host.

grav can run within symlink.

if you do think to do this, you only need to make links for


and create


to share some theme or plugins, you can links each theme or plugins as well

In Linux:

ln -s user/themes/quark /var/www/grav-src/user/themes/quark


grav cannot be run without a theme. Since there is no default theme, i pointed that out.

In Win64/32. I use this script on my localhost:

mklink /D bin D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\bin
mklink /D system D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\system
mklink /D vendor D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\vendor
mklink /D webserver-configs D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\webserver-configs

mkdir assets
mkdir backup
mkdir cache
mkdir images
mkdir logs
mkdir tmp
mkdir user

mkdir user\config
mkdir user\data
mkdir user\pages
mkdir user\themes

mklink /D user\themes\quark D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\user\themes\quark
mklink /D user\plugins D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\user\plugins
mklink /D user\accounts D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src\user\accounts

Since its on localhost, this script also make a links to accounts and plugins.

Then, when there was an update, I only update grav on D:\UniServerZ\vhosts\grav-src and the rest is linked.

Everytimes I need a new site, i run this script.

All this was In development enviroment, not on productions.

Thanks for the info and informative post. I got a bit behind last week when my ISP had several equipment failures in my area and I was without internet for 3 whole days! :grimacing: Then I had to play catch up. I will be starting with Grav soon and this will help a lot.
Thanks again,