Setting up 2 Grav Instances on same Webhost, htaccess problem [solved]

Hi guys,

first, sorry, english is not my native language.
after spending 2 days with the problem I decided to register here and maybe the problem has a quick fix.

EDIT: sorry, fixed it myself. my server didnt except the htaccess index entry and therefore never executed 2nd Grav. When I edited the htaccess from 2nd Grav it worked.

I try to be as short as possible:

I need 2 Grav instances (1 website, 1 web-manual with learn2 theme)
I have pointing at root
1st Grav is located in /website
2nd Grav is located in /howto
I have htaccess redirect from root to /website and changed base url from 1st Grav to domain[.]com.
1st Grav works flawless.

Problem is I cant reach 2nd Grav.
If I go to it looks like 1st Grav is taking over and showing me a 404 Error.
I tried to ignore the folder in settings and tried various htaccess rules, redirects, rewrites but I just dont get it to work.

I read about multisite setup, but I dont really want to tinker around in this way because I think there has to be an easy solution to host 2 Gravs on the same Server?

Thanks in advance!