Can multiple domains and/or multiple Grav work on one server?

I have a couple of domains i would like to hook up to Grav on 1 VPS. Is it feasible? Is there anything i would run into? I saw the multisite docs, but its subdomain or dir oriented. I need an A alias raw to Grav just like the initial hooked in domain. Wasnt sure if it could work. Thanks!

You really don’t need multisite. Multisite does not solve that problem. It basically lets you reuse parts of Grav for multiple sites.

What you need to do is setup multiple domains to point to your server, then use multiple virtual hosts setup in your webserver to have different ‘sites’ or folders respond to those domains.

How you do this depends on your webserver that you are running.

Personally I use to manage this for me. You setup a bare-bones VPS and then configure serverpilot to manage that server by providing it root credentials. It is then able to keep the server and software up to date. You can then just setup a new ‘app’ via their UI, and it give it a domain, and it does the work for you, creates an app folder for you. Then you can just upload your grav site into that app folder. easy!

Ok cool, thanks. That was my tentative plan (virt hosts) but was curious how bin/gpm would “know” which was which…but it makes sense now since it needs to be run from within the app root. I didnt realize that at first when asking this. Doing noshells/jails on the grav owners, but i dont think that changes anything. So basically i can make users for each install, then as long as im running bin/gpm from that install it wont conflict. I should have just tried it, but didnt want to wait for snapshot restores if SHTF hah. I have never used that serverpilot, will have to check it out :slight_smile:

Grav is a nice platform, thanks for creating it.