Lightslider plugin problem!

The lightslider stops sliding, after pressing or touch the image or button. Any help for me will be appreciated :slight_smile: I want to make the slider continue sliding even I touch the “controls”.

I think it stops if you mouse-over the slider. If you were to click/touch somewhere else on the page it would probably start again

Nope, it doesn’t start. I want to make my slider like this: even i click the next button, it will continue sliding. I don’t know if it’s in the settings.

I don’t think this is recommended, but you may want to use this and minify the js code. After applying the js code in the given URL, my slider works fine and able to continue sliding after clicking the controls. I have submitted an issue for this plugin and should be fixed in the next update.

Thanks “Yuu” :slight_smile:

The plugin new update will be available soon. Use the new update instead.