Other Content Sliders

I am not having luck getting the lightSlider to look the way I want to. Basically I would like to have it look like the main slider at:


Solid Color BG, Icon, Heading, Subheading

Are there other slider plugin options. Apologize of the naive question, this is day 2 on Grav.

There are not, but you could easily adapt the lightslider plugin to use another slider script. Better yet create a new plugin based on lightslider. Really there’s not much to it. It’s mainly adding a CSS file, a JS file, and a Twig template to render the output.

BTW I suggestion you look at this: http://www.owlcarousel.owlgraphic.com/ seems it would be perfect for your needs.

@rhukster Thanks for sharing. I guess I am not clear enough yet on if “everything” has to be truned into a Grav plug-in or how I can generically included any JS lib without making a plug-in. I will use the lightslider code to see if I can make my first plugin using owl. Thanks for your response - very helpful.

It should be simple enough. Follow these steps:

  1. copy lightslider plugin folder to owlslider
  2. rename all the bits the lightslider.php and lightslider.yaml to owlslider respectively.
  3. Copy the owl js and css into the appropriate folders
  4. open the lightslider.php, rename the class and change the names of the js and css
  5. Adjust the twig template to reflect the HTML structure needed for owl
  6. adjust the yaml file to reflect any settings you want to support