Oups... Sorry... How to get active lightslider?

What should I include in my page to activate the plugin ?

My advice to you is to:

a) Read the documentation:

b) Download/ install / Inspect the Shop Skeleton as that has lightslider installed and working:

Should be like the demo

I have read documentation and I created page lightslider.md but nothing

then try option b) and look at the Shop Skeleton. You can use that as a working example.

If you still have problems, please zip up your entire /user folder put it on dropbox and provide me a link. I can then look at it and see what your doing wrong. It’s kinda hard to debug if you don’t provide step-by-step what you have done.

you can’t just have an entire page that renders the lightslider, you need to have either a modular page, or inject the modular page into a regular page:

page name in the repertory 03.slider include file lightslider and in this flile lightslider ```
title: Slider

file lightslider.md sorry

modular page…

With modular page it’s also creat file lightslider.md

i strongly suggest you install a copy of the shop skeleton to see how it’s used there. Learn by example, is the best way especially with the language barrier we are facing here :slight_smile:

After install lighslider I install shop skeleton

The shop skeleton is a ready-to-go install of Grav, just extract it into a new folder in your webroot and point your browser at it, then you can look at the folders/files to see how it’s setup.

Repertory please ?


shop skeleton it so difficult configuration… as soon as I prefer go to bed now ! Thank-you for your help

message error…

RuntimeException (404)

Template “lightslider.html.twig” is not defined ().
Open: /var/www/system/src/Grav/Common/Twig.php

// Get Twig template layout
$template = $this->template($page->template() . $ext);
try {
$output = $this->twig->render($template, $twig_vars);
} catch (\Twig_Error_Loader $e) {
throw new \RuntimeException($e->getRawMessage(), 404, $e);

Yah like i said above, it’s a modular page, you can’t use it as a regular full page. Please read the docs on that.

thank-you but too difficult at configuring