Lightslider: cannot reach make it working

Hello, I’m trying to create a slider, first tryed with owl-carousel, now with lighslider plugin, but it don’t works. I tried also the sample on the readme, but nothing works fine.
I tried 3 differents md files, one with the standard
# Shop Geek Stuff
## We have all your **geek** needs covered..
# SnipCart Powered
## **Grav** plus **SnipCart** equals easy shopping

then two using directly html with the

but in any case the slider don’t works.
Here you can see what’s happens:

I’m using the Quark standard theme, I hope this isn’t the problem!

Your images have to be in your folder!
Looking in your sourcecode tells me you put them in the /grav/images folder.

@arank I think you’re looking at the thumbnails automatically created by the javascript. I have two jpeg images image-1.jpg and image-2.jpg in “test” folder

Ah, sorry, my fault.
Can you post the content of your file?
Did you name it
Your page is modular?
If not, here is how to get it working on non-modular

@arank this is a screen of my space on Top page:

As you can see if set the md file to lightslider and the values inside are the standard values ( I’ve only used 2 images and text parts instead of 3)
this is the screen of the parent page:

Thank you for your help, I’m really trying to understand which is my error :frowning:

Try out:

  1. In your test folder: Just use _top as folder name, don’t use 01.
  2. In your modular md:
    items: '@self.modular'
        by: default
        dir: asc
            - _top

Leave out date and body classes.

  1. In your markdown:
# Shop Geek Stuff
## We have all your **geek** needs covered..

# SnipCart Powered
## **Grav** plus **SnipCart** equals easy shopping


no changes :frowning:
what I can see is that in the page shown is the entire text of the page, also the --- lines, like if the raw content of the page isn’t processed

Is the plugin enabled?
Did you check another theme? Might be theme related…

plugin is enabled, elsewhere I cannot see the first image, I tried also with antimatter, maybe I have to set to process markdown first? ( at the moment I’ve setted “process twig first” at yes in system.yaml

@arank EUREKA! I found the problem:
making a compare between the yaml files in config folder of my grav and which of the shop site skeleton I found that in the shop skeleton the processing of twig is disabled!
It’s a normal configuration? Because setting the processing of twig false, some other plugins seems not to works fine.
If I set in the frontmatter of the lightslider page
twig: false

All works fine!

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