Grav first web project - post project questions

Hi guys,
almost completed my first web project with Grav and thought I summarise here questions I came across throughout my experience with Grav - in one post.

a. List within list
Coming from a WP / ACF experience one thing I missed here is the counter part of ‘Nested repeater’ or repeater field within a repeater field scenario. I got the ‘type: list’ field running however i could not get the ‘type: list’ => ‘type: list’ running - research shows it wasn’t supported but would with latest release. Any ideas or working code examples?

b. Hide main editor
As on several pages (templates) I am exclusively using custom fields for input/echo data the main editor is obsolete. Any tip to remove/hide the main editor e.g. {{ content }} ?

c. Filepicker for image selection within lists
Working a lot with repetitive content structures and as such ‘type:list’ scenarios I found the ‘type:filepicker’ field the most flexible one and easiest to integrate. The ‘type: file’ field did not seems not to be compatible to be used with a ‘type: list’ scenario even if I would prefer it in terms of user experience. So my question: is filepicker the standard choice to select images within lists (or nested lists) or are other options suitable?

d. Documentation improvement
I used the Blueprints form fields doc page a lot to get a better understanding of what fields to use when and how. This is great to a certain extend as I found myself in the position several times looking for the the other side of the coin, as such the .twig code of a certain example. It would be great, at least from my humble perspective, to have a tabbed section (something like codepen provides) with ‘yaml’ / ‘twig’ / ‘html’ output to really get a better understanding and make it easier for first users to get the jist of it.

e. Field management plugin?
I was also wondering if a field management plugin is available (or possible) for a more visual management of field types on a per page basis? Tinkering with yaml files to setup the fields is OK but time consuming - I believe with a plugin fields could be build quicker and restrictions and available options could be set in place to make the experience more streamlined?


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Hi @slarcher, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with Grav so far!

Re #b, here is an example blueprint which hides the main content editor area:

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Thanks @paulhibbitts ! Will test and bookmark.

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Thanks again @paulhibbitts ! Works like a charm. Save this one for sure.

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