Help with Plugin to Save Page Data

Hey all,

First just wanted to say grav is a beautiful piece of work. Thank you to everyone who is working on it:)

I’m looking for help with grav, I’m using it to build out some proof of concepts via plugins. The help could be some advice and guidance, or even someone who wanted to pick up a few paid hours to help with some code. I’m more a UX/UI guy, half decent with twig, but anything that gets into PHP gets me a bit crosseyed:)

Proof of concept is basically this: Right now I have a view / twig template that loads a table or a list that a user can edit (add/delete rows, add/edit text, drag/drop the list, etc). I have all the JS and HTML in place, but it’s static - with stock grav there’s no ability to create or save things from the frontend.

What I’d like to do is allow the user to save those changes from the frontend, as JSON, and then of course load that page based on the latest data. Anyone have any advice, guidance, or time (that I can pay for) to put this together?