Custom List - Form type

Hi there,

i’m pretty new to Grav and worked to the manuals. My idea is to extend the list form-type with the possibility not only to add one set of form fields but multiple. Instead of having a button that adds the new list entry i would like to set a pulldown and then choose wich form fields should be displayed. After setting up my own plugin and list-type, extending the list, i got stuck after trying to save a select field. I’m even not sure if there is the possibility to realise it this way. I think modular pages offer a similar functionality - but I would like to see a way integrating small snippets in a sortable list via page forms. If someone could give me hints to Forms/Plugins working that way or tipps how to do this, i would be lucky.

Lot’s of greetings - Kato

Correct me if I’m wrong: you want a “list field” that lets you choose which kind of element you add to the list, and not pre-determine it.

Currently I’m afraid this is not possible yet.

Hi Flavio, thank you for your answer. Yes, thats what I’m thinking of. I’m working in Wordpress a lot with Advanced Custom Fields and this would be like the ‘Flexible Content’ - in a simple way. If this is not possible with an extension of standard form fields - is it possible to write it as a plugin?

Sure, a plugin can introduce new form fields, so this option can be added as well.