I am enjoying using Grav. Will you be updating your documentation to show which fieldtypes can be used in custom blueprints, to create fields within the admin?

Cheers, keep up the great work.

Yes, I definitely have plans to update the docs with all the blueprint information. Just not had time yet because i’ve been focusing on fixing bugs with the admin plugin. It’s definitely on the list of next few items.

great to hear it. Right now I am trying to figure this out on my own, but it’s pretty hard for a Grav newbie as I am. Just want to let You know, that I also am looking forward to see this in documentation. Thank You

Awesome, look forward to it. Thanks!

Had the same problem, this helped a bit…

grep -R “type” /var/www/grav/system/blueprints/ |awk {‘print $NF’} |sort -u

gives a list of lots (if not all) available types. Then just try which one suits. Not as good as documentation but at least you can continue :slight_smile:

Is there any advance in this post until now?


You can find a reference of the field types you can use in admin and in the frontend on and If you have more questions, ask :slight_smile: always looking forward improving the docs