Grav Accessibility (for users with disabilities)

What does current work for accessibility in Grav look like? Is there any community of developers I can connect with?

For example, WordPress has an “accessibility-ready” tag that themes have to meet certain (extremely minimal) requirements to get. I’d love to see something similar or even better in Grav, or at the very least to work with others who are promoting accessibility, developing accessible themes and plugins, or trying to add accessibility features to existing themes and plugins.

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There are some themes that implement WCAG-standards, and some pay more attention to accessibility and laws than others. Most plugins work more under the hood, offering features or functionality that’s not in Grav Core. Most of them are accessed through the Admin-plugin, which isn’t very accessible.

For the Scholar-theme I’ve done a fair amount of work with accessibility, and automated testing it. A tag for what level of WCAG is satisfied by the theme would be useful; for a lot of professional services using them without that is a non-starter.

It’s been pretty distressing, running into so many inaccessible sites and platforms. I’d love to be able to recommend Grav more for my institution, but as a state university we are supposed to ensure that all of our content is accessible. I’m glad to hear about your accessibility work! I’ve been doing a fair bit of theme accessibility work as well for creating tutorials in Grav.
What would be the best way to start a more concerted accessibility effort for Grav? I think the biggest issues for accessibility are that a lot of people don’t know about it and many that know about it still don’t know what to do because it’s so overwhelming. Having a place to share ideas and resources and to answer questions/provide help might mitigate the latter issue.
A tag for level of WCAG would be excellent, or really anything along those lines. It would probably have to be part of the process in adding the theme to the official list. I’d be happy to brainstorm ways to implement something like that, if there is interest.

Hi @Theo , thanks so much for sharing your interest in Accessibility here! Like @OleVik , I also have an interest in Accessibility (I am also a sessional instructor at a Canadian Univ) and have tried to make one theme of mine in particular (Bootstrap4 Open Matter, which I use in my Grav Open Course Hub Project) more accessible with the help of the Grav grava11y Plugin.

My knowledge of accessibility issues is limited, and I only have moderate tech skills, but I am also on the lookout for learning more and being able to do more🙂

BTW, @Theo please feel free to directly connect with me on the Grav Discord chat ( Ole is also often on there too.