Any news on Admin Pro / Theme marketplace?

Hey there!

I know you guys are always busy developing new Grav features and this is just a side project, but is there any news on the admin pro plugin development or the theme marketplace?

I feel that theme development for Grav stagnates. There are some nice themes, but most of them are one-pagers or just starter theme and overall it’s just 80 something themes - that’s not much. I would really like to see a new theme/plugin marketplace, where you could rate, comment or buy/sell you work. Something like Wordpress offers…

So is there any information on this?

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No real news i’m afraid. We’re having to spend any time we’re not focusing on Grav core stuff and support to consulting work.

Bump… anyone? :pleading_face:

Nothing really happened since I asked for news regarding the Admin Pro plugin or the theme marketplace over 2 years ago. This is becoming a real dealbreaker for me I’m afraid. Is this still on your to-do list guys?