Accessibility plugin for Grav


I’m new here :slight_smile: I’m used to work with classics CMS and I’m really interested in using Grav now.
For a future project I will need to use a plugin like this: One Click Accessibility – Extension WordPress | Français

It’s a plugin for accessibility, so that people can change font size, color, contrasts…

I can find if something like that exist for Grav. If you have informations about it, please let me know :wink:


Hi and welcome!

The plugin repository has a bunch of plugins listed and includes Grava11y. I don’t know any thing about it and am generally cynical about a plugin “providing” accessibility. It also has not been updated for a while but it might provide what you are looking for.

Thank you for your answer. I saw the plugin repository, but nothing seems to do what I would like.
I tested Grava11y but it’s a tool to use the developer to see the accessibility issues, it’s not a plugin for the user can change the font sire, contrasts…

Thanks. Please mention what you have seen and tried when you ask your question next time. We are voluntary helpers here.

Like security and SEO, you won’t achieve great standards of accessibility by thinking of it as something you “add on” with a magic plugin after you built a site. (The Wordpress ecosystem would love you to think that’s the case.)

Good luck.