Our main site with Grav

So I have to say it was a big decision to move from what we knew and used for a long time (WP) to Grav, but so far it’s been totally worthwhile and rewarding.

The site runs Grav and RocketThems Gantry 5, and the speed is great compared to WP even with only a handful of plugins installed.

Well done to the Grav developers and plugin/community supporters for a great product.

We’re very satisfied with our website (https://istartcloud.com) and its performance and will be promoting Grav to our hosting clients as a viable option to other CMS’s.


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@ryanz, Congrats! I like “static/functional” designs without all sorts of nervous js behaviours and without huge amounts of image to spice it up.

A few notes if I may…

  • Google’s Lighthouse shows some room for improvements…
  • The ‘home’ menu icon should have a label en should probably have same size as the icon used for ‘Account’
  • The menu wraps on screens < 1200px. Which gives a quite ugly result. The menu only collapses at < 768px. That means the menu wraps between 768px and 1200px
  • Just curious… You have posted 4 issues and only received 1 reply, but nonetheless you have been able to create a really nice site.
    • For the benefit of the community, would you mind sharing how you solved your posted issues?

@pamtbaau Thanks for the kind words and constructive feedback.

I’ll need to figure out how to solve those issues.

You are correct, I didn’t receive much support here but I was advised to try the Grav Discord Chat, which I have not yet. It might be quiet because of the long weekend, I’m yet to see.

Can’t beat it for speed and that’s a very nice layout, though I confess feeling betrayed by the mysterious button labeled ‘scroll down’.

Good point and thanks for highlighting it, it’s something we put in as a placeholder and then totally forgot about. These things happen we you are too close to the work.

I just need to figure out how to get a good working reCaptcha or other Captcha for the contact us page https://istartcloud.com/contact or someone to help me get the Grav reCaptcha plugin working without messing up all th eformatting.

@ryanz, Have you considered using Grav’s honeypot field? It’s less intrusive then reCaptcha.

I haven’t used Grav’s honeypot field myself, but my experience with honeypot is quite good.

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Thanks @pamtbaau, I didn’t see that before. Just added it. :slight_smile:

Just wait until you need support or need an update. I’ve been happy with Grav for years, but have finally switched to https://sitemagic.org/. Much easier, user friendly and truly like Photoshop for web design. Like Grav no database and you can take your site to any host you want. All for free. Moreover, unlike other commercial providers you can point your domain (when you have it not hosted with them) to your website for free. I used to advise my customers Grav too, but have told them all to switch to Sitemagic now. It just takes some copy and paste of the texts once you have the structure set up. Still, I wish you could luck in your business, whether you choose Grav or not. Stay healthy!

Interesting, thanks Dieter.
I’ve never used sitemagic and had a quick look at the website, there is not as much info as on getgrav.

Nice UX man, really like it! What push me also to try Grav is the simplicity of use.

Yeah, it works well and I’m not a developer/coder.
I’m making small changes almost daily as I explore and learn Grav.