Certificated Plugins

Just an idea: May be you can offer a chargeable service to look at the source code of 3rd party plugins and check if they have security leaks or something else. If they are ok they get a certificate (just an award/image etc.) so users can see that this plugin should work fine and do not make problems. May be the author of the plugin wants to sell it and could get an advantage by using this service.

Nobody can work for no money and the pro version of the admin plugin is one way to get back a liite from all your effort. May be such a service would help too.

That’s a great idea. We already have plan for having some way to join our marketplace (cut of sales, subscription, fixed fee, etc). Having a having a review and certification process also makes sense.

Also how would a developer training course sound? Perhaps after completion, you could take some test and become a certified Grav developer? Another option!

certification process +1
developer training +1
you have some really great voices on the team - feels like they got their start in radio or TV, not IT! :slight_smile:

You must be talking about Ryan! He definitely has a TV/Radio voice. Mine is just squeaky :slight_smile:

LOL - yes, Ryan! I am on the same bus as you - I think people might pay me NOT to make videos that I narrate. :wink: