Just came across this and I was wondering do we have a plugin similar to this? I recall there is but its been awhile since I looked at my grav install and all the plugins that are available, although I did just have a quick look on here.

If there isn’t anything similar, is this something that someone has thought about making?

Thanks everyone for your time,

Going a little further to the payments side of things, where no doubt some, if not all of us have had issues in the past… I also came across this nifty service, which may not be brilliant for every client but still a fantastic way to get paid on time and I feel could work with a similar “proofing system” as I mentioned earlier.

If I had the knowledge and time I would love to do something similar that combines similar features to these, in a plugin for Grav!

Hey if no one replies, it serves as a reminder to me that these are things that I would find useful and maybe one day I might find the time to be able to give it go :slight_smile:

Both of those do sound like great plugin ideas. Or maybe one plugin that handles both. Either way, i’ve jotted them down for future development ideas. Thanks!