ONE Change that would help tremendously

Hi everyone! I’d like to say that I love the Grav CMS platform. However, there is ONE thing that that always irritates me about it: the lack of demos for the plugins. Personally, I think it should be a requirement to put a working demo along with all uploads… but that’s just me.

If you are a developer, I encourage you to do that. You are only holding back the Grav community. I don’t have time to go install and play around with every plugin. If I can’t see a demo, I skip it.

Well, in some cases there are images in their repositories. However, I don’t think that just at the moment that’s a priority.

Yeah, but I’m trying to encourage them to make it a priority.

Most plugins are very simplistic and don’t demo well. But I get where you are coming from. We’ll add it to the megalist :slight_smile:

Glen, this is an excellent suggestion and an issue worth pursuing. Even if it gets you no where today, it plants important seeds that will help.

Implementing anything, simple or complex, is multiples more of a problem when no working example is available. Maybe my environment has a subtle difference from the one used by the developer, and I am stuck spending an hour or more that I had not counted on tracking down something that I might find right away if I can look at a working version.

As a positive example, jquery plugins always are presented with working demos right on the page where you get the plugin. You can copy them and run them, then adapt them to your purposes. Without those demos, jquery plugins can be a nightmare to get going.

Anyone going to the trouble of making a plugin is in position to put a working demo of the plugin where it can be viewed.

Without a working demo, little problems can be headaches. Developers tend to minimize the presence of little things that are the difference between working and not working. That is a bad habit.