Just curious, I noticed the JSComments plugin is no longer available?

Nope, the author “namaless” pulled all his repos a couple of weeks ago. I guess he was not supporting them any more and didn’t want the hassle of people bugging him about them. Would of been nice to get some warning about it, as it left some people high and dry. However, we have an official Comments plugin that uses Grav’s Forms and we’ll continue to develop and improve this plugin going forward.

Don’t know how to feel about the readded JSComments with that new “Copyright” :confused:

Sommergen has already taken it on and it should be in the repo again.

I’m glad it’s still hanging around. I’m a fan of Disqus as they have a mobile app to monitor things. THX!

Hi @Kadoffe,

all my plugins come with a dual license for ease of use. The remain free and open-source (even with the strong definition of the Free Software Foundation) and there won’t be any charge in the future. For safety I also added a FOSS license exception, which guarantees you all your rights for using and distributing it with Grav etc.

Concerning JSComments: I asked the author and he fully transfered the ownership to me. If you like I can add a notice about that. Currently, it may look to you like a mirror site (because the code base is the same), but JSComments is actively maintained and further developed. Since I haven’t used the plugin in the past, I’m in a review process. But what I have seen is, that it needs some lifting and modifications to make it compatible with the upcoming changes in Grav v1.1.0.

If you have any ideas and suggestions, then please feel free to add them to the issue tracker.


Thanks for the update!