Wiki, security, future


Please, I have four questions about grav:

  1. Is it possible to somehow use a wiki inside a grav install? I mean, would it be possible to create a page/post which would be markdown-editable by anyone?

  2. Does grav in anyway phone home? Do you collect any statistic of grav installations? (For example, ExtJS used to “include” an image which was hosted at their servers)

  3. grav claims to be safer/more secure than WordPress. Could you please elaborate on that? How is updating plugins in grav made more secure than updating plugins in WP?

  4. I understand that the core is MIT licensed and you want to sell Admin Pro. Do you intend to keep the core open forever?

I’m asking because I’m seriously considering grav as replacement for WP. I especially like the thorough documentation you’ve put together. In any case, huge kudos to you!

Thanks in advance!

  1. Could be done with a plugin sure. None exists currently that I know of.

  2. No phone-home, no statistics, no tracking.

  3. The lack of a database means less exposure to exploit. The core itself is very limited, there’s less going on in Grav, so again, less to go wrong. However, plugins do provide more functionality, and more chance that something is exposed, however, they are optional, and can be updated quicker and easier than the core can.

  4. Yes, core will be free forever. Only some more advanced plugins would be commercial.


Most awesome! Thank you!