Admin Panel v1.9.15 does not save changes


I am trying to fill in content into a form in the Admin Panel. But when I save the form, it defaults back to the default value for that has been defined in the blueprint. Only when I Add a page, I am able to add to the form.

When I make those changes directly in the frontmatter it works and the changes show on the page.

Once the frontmatter has been build it basically does not update to changes that are being made in the admin panel and therefore keeps on overriding them.

I believe it has to do something with caching. But I cannot figure out what exactly. The debugger gives me the following message:

Grav v1.6.26
infoEnvironment Name: localhost
infoAdmin v1.9.15
infoCache: [false] Setting: [auto] Driver: [file]
infoPage cache missed, rebuilding pages…
infoRouted to page (type: pages)

in user/config/system.yaml I set caching to false and true but either state does not make a difference.

could someone point me in a direction?

I hope this is somewhat clear, sorry if not this is my first time posting in a forum.


Is it a custom theme?
It could be an error in your blueprint.

Have you cleared Grav’s cache after updating the admin panel?

Hey, I figured it out. It was indeed my poorly written blueprint. No idea what exactly but i just completely rewrote it.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: