Can't save modification

Hi everyone,

On Grav v1.7.3 - Admin v1.10.2 after update, on FF and Brave on Mac, impossible to save modifications on a page using “save” and “save content” buttons on the admin page.

I have a page set to “external” page template and want to set it to “default” but can’t. I can only change it once to “error” page template ??? and cannot change it after.

Anyone have the same issue ?
Tks in advance.


Hi @PostHack , I just tried this Mac FF and could not reproduce the issue. Is this happening on a second 1.7.3 install on your end as well?

UPDATE: After I wrote that I tried to change the External template back to Page and now I am seeing that issue I think… if I can reproduce I will add an Issue to the Admin Panel GitHub repo. Grav 1.7.3 + Admin 1.10.3, can't change Page template twice and re-save · Issue #2037 · getgrav/grav-plugin-admin · GitHub

I had the same issue when I couldn’t change a template. But as soon as I filled a Title field in Content tab, template change was saved correctly. Didn’t check different scenarios, but it seemed to me like you can’t save any changes if Title is empty (although you get a success message that page is saved)

Added a comment on GitHub

Thanks for the additional comments @Karmalakas .

Yes it works, change the type template on the advanced tab and back on the content tab set any URL before saving and the new template will be set correctly

EDIT : IT DOESN’T WORKS the external URL set can’t be erased

Hi everybody.
I am totaly new in Grav and i like it. but I think perhaps I have the same bug. after update some days ago, I cant save anything. No new pages, no changes in text, no title. Also nothing in the expert mode of pages.

I tried to change the Theme, deactivate the plugins. Nothing helped. ;-(

It will be fixed after an new update from grav?

Frontmatter isn’t JSON, it’s YAML. Try deleting first line of frontmatter and it should save

I tried, but its not working. I cant save, and after refresh, it is like it was. And I cant create new Pages. I also cant change the title of the Page.

I can do some changes in the file on the Server under pages. But after refresh the Dashboard in grav, my changes are working. But still I cant change in grav.

Hi @PostHack , could you please share which skeleton/theme/etc you are using when seeing this issue? Thanks! Grav 1.7.3 + Admin 1.10.3, can't change Page template twice and re-save · Issue #2037 · getgrav/grav-plugin-admin · GitHub

Also, might that template you are trying to change from require a certain field? In my own tests this seems to be then preventing the second Save…

I’m on Grav v1.7.5 - Admin v1.10.3 now and it’s seem working quite fine.
I was on Grav 1.7.3 with Typhoon theme without change on skeleton.
I just want to get it back to “default”


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