Admin plugin not saving changes

Hi guys, I have a grav install with everything up to date and permissions seen to be in order… But the admin plugin isn’t saving anything. No new pages, text changes on current pages nothing… Any ideas were to start looking?

Does this happen with caching disabled?

No errors at all during saving? If you check the file system are the files getting updated as expected, just not showing?

Is the weekend now in Queensland Australia…will test Monday and report back

OK Turned off all caching in system.yaml and all caching plugins and this seems to have alleviated the issue :-). Will turn back on plugins one by one to see what’s causing the issue.

Probably is one of the caching plugins, because i have Grav internal caching on and the admin works fine.

Yeah…they were leftovers from when I turbocharged the site before the admin plugin. All working well now.