Access Piwik Admin Site

Hi there!

I’ve setup Piwik, to track the users on my site. But when I try to go to an error of Grav occurs. So how can I access the Piwik admin site, or any other subfolder?
Since now, I had a subdomain for this, but since there is only a SSL certificate for the main domain (, the browser don’t load the piwik.js tracking code from the insecure HTTP connection - mixed content

Thanks for your patience.

I don’t know about piwik, but generally if you put a file or folder in the Grav root, those take precedence over the Grav routes. Is /piwik an actual folder in your server filesystem?

Oh, that’s interesting!
My server filesystem looks like this:
/…some other folders

It works, when I put the /piwik folder in the /grav folder! Thanks a lot!